2015 Highlights

1 | Hounds and hunting

1 |    Hounds went out for 22 cubbing meets, 33 carded meets, and had to cancel 3 meets due to inclement weather. An additional 9 bye days were added for those who wished to join us.


2 |   Of the two litters whelped in 2015, the U and V litters hounds are now "entered," and the  2016 Y litter whelps are showing promise.


3 |   N-T B entered the Adopt a Highway program, and gathered a whopping 95+ bags of trash on Westwood Road throughout the year.


4 |   The annual fundraiser held at the Millwood Club was a success (despite the evening’s temperature of 6 degrees!), and generated funds to cover the season.


5 |   The summer party hosted the well-known judge Mr. Jake Carle II, who spoke about the basics of judging beagles and hounds.

6 |   The weekly summer walk-outs were successful in making hounds biddable.


7 |   We published the previous season's Huntsman’s diary of the previous season as a gift to subscribers and supporters, with wonderful custom illustrations courtesy of Mr. Charles T. Matheson.

8 |   N-T B supported the Berryville Main Street holiday campaign by exhibiting a parking meter decoration.

9 |   We participated in both spring and fall trials at Aldie, including the 8 couple event; maintained the N-T B cabin, and assisted with the National Beagle Club work weekend there.

10 |   N-TB started using a “hunt monitor” for activities updates: (540) 955-2889.

Did you know?


In addition to participating in field sports, our Masters, staff, members and subscribers support land preservation and conservation efforts in and around Clarke County and Northern Virginia.

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