2017 Highlights

1 |    Hounds went out 123 times last season.


2 |   One litter whelped in 2017, the 'A' litter by Old Chatham  Myers and NT Mischief. The Z litter hounds are working well and are "entered" hounds.


3 |   The drafted puppies are hunting regularly, Old Chatham Myers, Newbury and Nutmeg; and from Middletown Valley, Jingle. 


4 |   Weekly summer walk-outs (followed by mimosas and muffins!) were part of  the training and exercise program.

5 |   At the summer party, after hounds greeted guests, renowned veterinarian Dr. Scott Dove, MFH,  explained handling hounds (and dogs) in emergency situations and in the hunt field.

6 |   We participated in the trials at Aldie, maintained the N-T B cabin, and paraded the hounds at the Blue Ridge Hunt point to point races.


7 |   As usual, the annual fundraiser and dinner at the Millwood Club was a pleasant evening and generated funds to cover the season. 

8 |   We published the third Huntsman’s diary, a gift to subscribers and supporters, for a third season. Mr. Mitch Zetlin painted this year's over,  "Tally ho, and away we go!" The National Sporting Library and Museum added the three diaries to their collection.

9 |   N-T B continued the Adopt a Highway program on Westwood Rd. and collected over 41 bags of trash.

10 |  Articles about the NTB and beagling were published in three local newspapers. 

Did you know?


In addition to participating in field sports, our Masters, staff, members and subscribers support land preservation and conservation efforts in and around Clarke County and Northern Virginia.

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Two Huntsmen, Two MBs

Russ with Joan Barrett, MB of Warrington Foot Beagles