2016 Highlights

Highlights of the year

1 |    Hounds went out 177 times during the 2017-2018 season, and had only 3 cancelled meets due to inclement weather (extreme cold or ice).


2 |   One litter of four whelped in 2017, the B litter, by NT Voodoo and NT Ursula. Two other litters in 2018 gave us Cerces and Captain, and Deva, Dorsey and Dauntless.


3 |   N-T B continued the Adopt a Highway program, and gathered a whopping 95+ bags of trash on Westwood Road throughout the year. 

4 |   The summer party had the highest attendance of several years and dinner by Love at First Bite was scrumptious. Local Artist Gail Maslyk talked about  sketching horses and scenery.

5 |   In April, staff and several juniors paraded the hounds for the crowd at the Blue Ridge Hunt Point to Point.

6 |    Once again, the annual fundraiser and dinner at the Millwood Club was a pleasant evening and generated funds to cover the season. 

7 |    The 1940s tradition  of the Beagle Games were revived. Members, subscribers, and friends gathered for foot races, a scavenger hunt, candy hunt, wine and beer hunts as well as horn-blowing and whip-cracking contests.

8 |   The Huntsman’s Diary of the 2017-2018 season was prepared as a gift to subscribers and supporters. For its cover, Ms. Lynden Willingham sketched a wonderful hunting scene in pen and ink, graphite and gouache.

9 |  In addition to weekly summer walk-outs (often with muffins and mimosas!), daily hunts continued through the year. Russ welcomed members to join him for the exercise and to learn about the hounds.

10 |  As in previous years, N-T B supported the Berryville Main Street holiday campaign; participated in both spring and fall trials at Aldie, maintained the N-T B cabin there, and supported the National Beagle Club work weekend.

Did you know?


In addition to participating in field sports, our Masters, staff, members and subscribers support land preservation and conservation efforts in and around Clarke County and Northern Virginia.

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