Exciting items added to the auction!

The winning bidder will take home this fantastic photo of a fox who just caught his dinner. In the high resolution version, you can see the whiskers of the fox.....and the toes of the mouse.

Another recent addition to the auction item list is Mr. and Mrs. John and Elizabeth Staelin's Members' Hill parking spot at the 2017 Virginia Gold Cup. Get a group together and bid on this spot - so you can see the whiskers of the horses as they cross the finish line!

....And a specialty item for the bakers out there: a wooden rolling pin with a beagle relief. Make hound patterned sugar cookies or shepherd's pie crust for your next tailgate or hunt breakfast.

The 2017 Auction page has complete information.


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In addition to participating in field sports, our Masters, staff, members and subscribers support land preservation and conservation efforts in and around Clarke County and Northern Virginia.

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